A little remembered set of incidents early in the run-up to the Second World War involved four actors. Three Heads of State, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin are well remembered but the fourth man, Harry Hopkins has slipped from history. That’s too bad because he travelled to England as Roosevelt’s unofficial head of just about everything and was in the center of all of the American aid to England, aid without which the English of today would be speaking German because without America NAZI Germany would have won WWII. 

Hopkins decided to ask Roosevelt if he should go to Russia to meet with Stalin on Roosevelt’s behalf. Being in England he was physically closer so Roosevelt sent Stalin a letter introducing Henry Hopkins and promised Stalin American war materials. It was shortly after Hitler had given up his invasion plans for England because the pesky English instead of surrendering during the terror of the Blitz, went about their business during the inhuman bombing of civilians in London, Coventry and other human rich targets.

Hitler launched Barbarosa in 1941 and attacked Russia, thereby showing he lied to Stalin when they signed the NAZI – Soviet pact in 1939. Liars must not be trusted.

Churchill hated Communism, Russia and Stalin. Nevertheless he set a letter to Stalin introducing Hopkins. In that letter he wrote that …”there is a flame in this man for democracy” to show Stalin Hopkins and Roosevelt were like Churchill so Stalin would know Hopkins had Churchills support in addition to speaking for Roosevelt.

Of course Stalin eagerly took everything he could get from the democracies and became a key player in the defeat of NAZI Germany. Acting in character, a man with no human principles he never repaid America or Britain for our combined sacrifices in working with the Communists to defeat the NAZI’s. In 1948 he built the Iron Curtain proving liars can be trusted to lie.

Today in America there are millions who contain a flame for democracy. Some get far in front of the crowds of Republicans and Democrats and reprise the Boston Tea Party, so great is their distain for those who are working to impose more and bigger government. In a small place in Bucks County a record number of people who resent big government just voted to reject bigger government by refusing to increase taxes by substituting a bigger income tax in exchange for eliminating an occupation tax. Their enthusiasm against bigger government shows the flame for democracy lives on in America.

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