WWIII is being fought in the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, Australia, …… and mainland America. Bush invaded Iraq to slow down and distract the jihadists. It worked. Obama pulled most of the military out so the jihadists attacked in America. Witness Chattanooga, TN, Fort Hood TX, Garland TX, San Bernardino California and hundreds of other places including Time Square in America since 9/11 to see the extent of the War On Terror. The policy of the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere in the region is an attempt to control a religion based war. Putin’s occupation of the Middle East which he did because of Obama’s weakness means the War Against Terror is being waged from Indonesia, through the Middle East and Europe into America. That’s around the world. That’s a World War. that’s WWIII

Why does religion cause war?

Akhenaten, an Egyptian king who ruled 3,600 years ago abandoned the accepted Egyptian religion and its many gods and replaced them with a new religion that was focused on one god named Aten, who represented the light of the Sun. Akhenaten closed the shrines of other gods and erased their images from above the monuments that had been erected by previous kings in what may have been the first religious based war. The War of the Golden Calf was in the Middle East. So was the Crucifixion. So were the Crusades. What is it about religion that leads to wars? How about looking to the bible for an answer.

Moses lived 3,400 years ago. “Moses’ god is a ‘jealous god’ who gives the command to kill the worshippers of other gods (Exodus 25 and Deuteronomy 17:2-5). In keeping with the religious war theme, Saturday, Ted Cruz at Darrell’s Place in Hamlin, Iowa, Cruz urged his supporters to “awaken the body of Christ that we may pull back from the abyss.” That’s plain ignorant in the face of the War on Terror.

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