Aug 102018

Predominantly Black Footballers are protesting something but it’s not clear to them just what it is they are against.

President Trump made an offer to protesting NFL players. If they pass along cases of people they felt were victims of the criminal-justice system, he would consider pardons. The president asked them for the names of prisoners he should pardon.

In response they didn’t offer any names. They asked for a “blanket pardon” for non-violent drug offenders who had already served long sentences. They wanted to change the deal even though it was their deal to begin with.

Looks like NFL Football will not be watched by millions this season…… Good!

Why not clean up the acts of the overwhelmingly black prison population? Why not go to the communities where most black males have been arrested, jailed, hunted for or on parole? That’s where most of the crimes are; that’s what the police are for and it’s not up to anybody connected to the NFL to care about anything except football. 

If certain players won’t stop they need to exit the NFL because there’s a time and place for everything just as there are times and places that are for specific things