and would send back all without papers. So said a Russian Officer after Paris. He was speaking about the Paris massacre but it applies to what Trump said recently. No Papers, Don’t Come.

He continued: America actually “encourages Terrorists to come and they get Welfare. We have a different way of seeing things.”

“Foreigners come here to work if we accept them because we give priority to our citizens.We give great importance to information: Our services infiltrate circles Islamists widely. I will not tell you how many field officers or informers we treat but the figure is very important.”
“As soon as information back on the possibility, even very vague, to attack us knock massively. In late October, for example nearly 200 people were arrested simultaneously in various parts of Moscow, following information received from our undercover agents.”

“We then interrogate these people so that they meet our
Questions. With us in terrorism matters, we do not say “I want a lawyer.” He no torture at this stage but persuasive methods. If respondents still refuse to answer, we understand that they know important things for the safety of our citizens, and thus apply other methods. Everyone ends by talking.”

“You do not have the political will to stop this. ”

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