The media including Megyn Kelly at FOX is with her but she trails Trump. Why?

Why isn’t the same old stuff working? Why is the same old stuff not good enough to get Hillary out front? The media has called Trump everything that has always worked to get rid of the other’s and it’s not working. The media has a lot of tricks. They can label Republicans as
• Racists
• Xenophobes
• White supremacists
• Evangelicals
• Mean
• Ignorant
• and Rednecks

But it rolls off Trump as more and more people show up at his rallies. He gets more free airtime than Hillary. Rush broke it down that Trump received more than twice as much media time as Hillary, 234 mentions or minutes compared to her 113 out of 857. Hillary is clearly and decisively losing and it’s only because of Trump, not the mainstream Republicans who are also trying to get rid of Trump. 

The only thing left for the 2016 voters to decide is who will run alongside Trump and be the next Vice President. That will be either Cruz or Rubio and whoever doesn’t get to be Vice President will be Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Try not to gloat.

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