The Democrats are in control of the Senate for two long months after the Republicans win the Senate in November. That’s all the time Obama will have forever to get his loathsome programs passed. His new Attorney General, sure to upset Americans even more than Eric Holder who sent guns into the Drug Cartels will be voted on by a final Senate under Democrat control. Obama appointed with the approval of a compliant Democrat Senate, Sonya Sotemayor, a Left Wing Liberal Supreme Court Justice who imagines Race is more important than Justice. In a clear violation of the Constitution Obama sent the 101st Airborne into West Africa to do what? Clean bedpans for Ebloa victims?

This President is an Anti-American disaster with two months left in his reign during which he’ll do his utmost to divide America along racial lines even more. All that stands between more international disrespect for America because of the Left Wing is one election.

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