Reasonable to American’s who can read everyday about the World-Wide attacks by Muslims against non-Muslims. But not-reasonable to Self-Admitted “Proud Muslim” Huma Abedin. Donald Trumps idea is based on research he claims shows that “there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.” Well who would object to research?

Huma is very confused about the enemies of Christendom. She called Donald Trump “Racist” when she should know Trump is not talking about race at all but about keeping American’s safe from Terrorists. Huma didn’t deny the vivid connections between Islam and Terrorism, connections that are written into her religion and hence her religious beliefs. Think tank “Center for Security Policy” claimed 25 percent of Muslims living in America believe violence against Americans “is justified as a part of the global jihad” There’s a lot to comment about in that sentence alone that shows why Huma is on the wrong side of history with her attack on Donald Trump. In addition Huma works for Hillary both of whom wear the hijab which is Muslim headgear for females. Hillary is pandering against Americans by wearing a Hajab in a campaign ad. Hillary Clinton, by wearing the Hijab, is advertising she is the property of a man and is in odd contrast to Hillary’s super-feminism ideas and her supposed strength. The Hijab is an Islamic garment of submission.

Not only has the Hijab consistently been a source of Muslim violence against women, both in punishing women who don’t wear it and punishing women who take it off, but its origins lie in an Islamic commandment distinguishing Muslim women, who couldn’t be raped, from non-Muslim slave women captured by Mohammed’s rampaging gang. Hillary it seems sealed her own fate by wearing the Hijab and if she is really serious will not remove it. Unless of course if she was only kidding when she put it on.
It’s certainly a step back for Hillary, the top Democrat female politician who wants to be seen as a leader and a fighter for women.

And if Huma is such a Muslim, why did she marry Anthony Weiner? His father was Mort Weiner and his mother Frances Finkelstein,. For sure they were not Muslims. They were Jewish and according to Islam, the Jews are their enemy. So when Huma claims she’s Muslim, is she really? Why should anyone believe a Muslim who failed to act Muslim?


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