Obama is one of the most partisan politicians in America. Unable to get support from Republicans because of his constant condemnation of Republicans by party and by individual names he is unable to lead them. No kidding. He even said “I’m keeping my own naughty and nice list”. That’s another example of Obama’s taunting Republicans instead of persuading them. It’s not a matter of criticising but of dividing people. Obama is very smart and very well educated. He’s a lawyer who knows how to use words. He can be held accountable for his words. His words divide Americans, especially Republican representatives and Senate Republicans, people who are elected to serve the American people. Precisely because he cannot persuade Republicans he ridicules them in public thus dividing the Congress into Obama’s people and the naughty people, those he cannot persuade. Imaging a leader dividing citizens into his friends and those he openly taunts. That’s the mark of someone who should lead but who would rather rule. Or even of someone who believes he should rule.

But this is America, not some tin-horn dictatorship with a king or a president for life. The President is not supposed to divide Americans. Previous Presidents knew that and acted accordingly but not this guy. Americans usually respect those with whom we disagree but there are limits and Obama went past them. Even though I do not believe Obama is a good President I don’t consider him to be a philanderer like Bill Clinton or a dictator like Castro. There are limits but at the very minimum the President should be able to lead the Republicans. Even though we criticize and condemn, we have no actual poower like Obama has. We are not the enemy. Obama should unite us. He hasn’t done that. He’s not capable of uniting America. He needs to respect his opponents, not act like he’s some kind of king. He need to respect  Congress. Instead he fans the fires of division. Why? Obama doesn’t have empathy. Obama cannot lead and he demonstrates it by being disrespectful.

If Obama is not able to lead, if he is unable to persuade, how come he was elected? That’s easy to explain. As Charles Krauthammer said: “it’s pretty easy to win elections when you give away candy that you borrow from the Chinese.”   

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