For 26 years Northampton Supervisor Komelasky had his own way governing the township and look what he did to the utility poles. Northampton is a laughing stock because of the ugly mess in the air over Northampton. It will take decades to fix the super saggy utility lines. Cleaning out the 2 dirty trick supervisors, [Komo and Co. employ a spy to report these words to his Dirty Tricks Committee.] will be faster.  

LOOK UP! Drive along Holland Road. Count the sagging cables, connectors, boxes, transformers,  splice connectors & cross-arms. It took 26 years of Komo & his political insider GOP cronies [who also ruined the Northampton GOP Committee] to get this much arial ugly. Neighboring Philadelphia has less ugliness on the towers. The birds in Northampton are constantly taking detours because the flyways are so junk-cluttered. Hummingbirds need to watch out for the nearly solid wall of ugly on the poles.

So after helping ruin Northampton by never passing a proper Right-of-Way Ordinance, which lack allowed American Tower Company to add 60 more poles and cables, Northampton’s two Cheap Shot Supervisors, Silver and Komelasky, try to deceive the people by refusing to follow the agenda or respect the citizens right to talk at the special cell tower meeting May 15. Review the video. Watch as Komo-Sil act out their political-stunt-empty-motion which forced people who follow the rules, (unlikeKomo-Sil) to restrict  comments to define Komo-Sils motion.

Then notice how the people and the new township solicitor skillfully turned the Empty Motion into something that would work.

Last November the people had to vote out one of the dirtiest adminstrations in Bucks County. Republican voters had to join with Democrats to clean up Northampton. So far it’s working. Secret deals made out of our sight over the past half-century by Komo & Co, are becoming known. More on those later but for now the Democrats on the Board of Supervisors must try to clean up Komelasky’s mess on the Cell Tower Faliures. But Komo-Sil don’t undersand what the people did at the May 15 meeting. The people stepped up and helped fix Komo’s mess. Makes this old scribe proud, but not of Komo-Sil who embarassed the adults in the audience as Sil gave a kindergarten gesture when the motion the people had to fix was passed by the Board.

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