The NMCMA failed to follow their own RFB and the agreement they signed broke their own requirements. Nothing pleases a swindler more than the swindle-e  swindling itself. LOL

But this penalizes the People of Northampton who are left holding the bag on the botched solar project. (Take a look at the botched installation). Looks at all those ugly panels polluting the viewscape of our lovely township. They are not properly aligned. Look under the cheap Chinese panels. See how easy light comes thru? How cheap can you get?

Look also at the crappy wiring but DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. You could be electrocuted because it’s big power running around even it you use a flashlight at night because the panels generate electric whenever light hits them. That’s why the Fire Chief in Delanco refused to allow the Firefighters to even pour water on the panels at Dietz and Watson where millions burned up in a fire because the solar panels were making electricity.

Solar panels cannot be turned off with a master switch because each little part makes electric. That’s why putting solar panels on a roof has been discovered to be far more dangerous than originally thought.

Northampton didn’t need the uneconomical panels at the Sewer Building. They burn money faster than they make electricity. The best idea for Northampton was when Frank Rothermel  and Jim Cunningham rejected the bad deal at the Library. Nothing makes electric cheaper than PECO. Rothermel and Cunningham were wise to reject the solar project so for that reason alone they should be re-elected in November. Otherwise we’ll get more botched and corrupt deals like the Sewer Board made.

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