The Northampton Republican Committee continues their fall from grace. It’s what they failed to do at the Supervisor meeting May 23. They botched the most important issue, the problem that mattered to the citizens, viz., ATC cell towers going onto private property in no-tower neighborhoods. McGill failed to lead the few “loyalists” because he’s stuck in Saul Alinsky Politics of Destruction mode. He’s one of the biggest reasons the Democrats are doing so well. It’s like following General Forrest Gump.

What should the Northampton Republicans have done? They could have followed my lead and given compliments to people who deserved them. Instead the NRC embarrassed themselves by sending a newly elected committeewoman to mystify the viewers by talking about campaign money. At least other Committee people in attendance realized they lost this round and didn’t try to mislead the people.

Neither Komo nor Sil helped. They continue the politics of hate with their snotty small transparent little campaigns of obstruction. They can’t help themselves. They follow their wrong value systems like a brick follows gravity.

The NRC has been self-destructing for the past six years. The best thing for the Democrats is to sit back and let the NRC leaders continue to prove how dumb they are by letting them display their hate to the public. I’m happy to fight the bigger battles and continue to work for good Republicans outside Northampton and not waste time helping the mean idiots.

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