The township blew it last year by not paying attention to what they were doing when American Tower Company wanted permits to erect their empty cell tower poles. The twp. sued but didn’t know why they were suing so no surprise, they lost. The court ordered the Twp. to let ATC put their towers into our neighborhoods, many of which have restrictions about any kind of towers.  Many of the towers are as high as a five story building.

Now the township needs to file an Injunction to stop further construction until some planning can take place. ATC is not a utility but a construction company and a tower rental company. The courts must have been mislead to give them the power to put up their ugly poles in our neighborhoods. If so, that’s Fraud and fraud invalidates a contract.

ATC needs to be stopped until some better plans are made.

Over the past 25 years, the townshp has utterly failed to control the appearance of the utility poles so the township looks ugly with all the cables, boxes, crosspieces, bolted-on provisional looking junk hnging over our roads. Richboro is a disaster except for the township buildings where they prohibited poles and wires.  A nice view is OK for the goverment but not for the people.

The township needs to take ATC, PECO and the cable companies to court and get a judges ORDER to stop trhe ATC tower construction and to clean up the cable mess in Northampton.

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