In the interest of Full Disclosure, I opposed Steve McGill’s re-election to the Northampton Republican Committee (NRC). He violated many Rules of the Republican Party during the campaign, helped by several low-life, disgraceful Republicans. He was endorsed by the NRC and by one elected Republican who knew better, in violation of the rule that “no committee person is to be endorsed.” It  was the most dishonorable Republican Campaign in Bucks County. One of McGills campaigners physically assaulted me twice before the election and during the election at the polling place. Police reports have been filed. My feelings towards McGill are based in facts.

So when Steve McGill arrived at the Bucks County Tea Party Patriot meeting 8/7/12 at Erwins I was neither impressed nor silent. IMO he was not there to help the Tea Party effort. He’s not and never was a Tea Party person because he’s been the Chairman of the Northampton Republican Committee (NRC)  for over a decade and he suddenly  didn’t decide to oppose big government. To the contrary, as chairman he directed and worked against many Tea Party Candidates. We must not forget what he did.

The Tea Party meetings are open to all, – unlike the NRC meetings where several Registered Republicans – including me, were told to leave. The NRC was personally rude and crude as they violated their own rules against me. That’s one reason Northampton voted out the Republicans. McGill focused on me instead of doing his job, encouraging party unity and following Party Rules. 

The Tea Party Patriots appeared because of hypocritical Committee’s like the NRC. The T/P movement is more important than McGill and far more moral than the NRC.

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