A few members of the Northampton Authority have been yowling about “Cross-Contamination”. They had no evidence but they didn’t think they needed to prove their idea because the purpose was to attack a Democrat to help get a Republican elected as Supervisor. Then the impossible happened. The township decided to do something the Authority couldn’t do, have a leader handle the allegations. The Authority has been run by troublemakers for  years. They suceeded because almost no one came to their meetings which took about 15 minutes. But suddenly the meetings were televised. The secrets couldn’t remain secret when they were videotaped. They began having real meetings. But you can’t cure stupid.

They forgot about the recordings. They used a Sewer Report to claim the public water was contaminated. Talk about missing the point. The 20 pound Sewer Study looked impressive as it was plopped on the counter at a public meeting but your’s truely read it. No info on contamination. No info about the private wells. Just some photo’s inside and outside some businesses. Not much info about sewers either.

The phony contamination charges were about politics, not contamination. So far about a dozen inspections have revealed no contamination. None. So the Sewer Report was not evidence. The false claims were false. tTe Authority has egg on it’s face and the public water supply is just the same as it’s been, safe.

The consequences should be obvious. Those making the charges should resign. One guy is already gonr. Three more people need to step off now that their political scheme came apart. They should take the lawyer and the engineer with them because they went along with the false charges. Should they apologize? Nah. Just go.

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