That’s what the two Supervisor elects promised during their campaign. “Hold The Line” on taxes and spending is how they promised to govern. Holding the line was a key element in their campaign and it feels good to be in a township where the two new Supervisors have promised to hold the line on taxes.

Can we trust them? Do they know what they are talking about? Well Larry Weinstein was the township Auditor for several terms. He had access to more financial information than most people so he knows what it means to promise to hold the line on spending and taxes.

I helped Larry get on the ballot by signing his petition along with several friends who have known Larry from his close connections with State Representative Scott Petri. Larry, Scott and Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick spent a lot of time with voters from all over the district so they had lots of support at the grass root level. All three are big time vote getters so it’s a great comfort to know the tax money in Northampton will be wisely spent and that the new Republican Supervisors will hold the line on taxes and spending.   

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