Not just one louse, a flock of lice, aka the local Republican Majority Sewer Board swarmed in Richboro at the Supervisor’s meeting of September 25, 2013. Grouchy, Klutsey, Donut, Bon-Bon, Sloopy, Blick, Flick, Glick, Plick, Snick and Whick are my names for the little imps but there was a serious side. They appeared Dangerous as their behaviors threatened several citizens.

These are amazingly corrupt and small minded people who enjoyed their one-party rule for so long they are outraged to be out of power. Their headmistress, the Republican female on the Board constantly broke the rules during the meeting when she wasn’t eating or drinking. The flock complained about some missing minutes from some long ago Supervisor meeting without grasping they objected to putting cameras on themselves at the sewer board for years. The missing minutes were a bureaucratic issue, complete nonsense like the so called contamination of the water in Northampton that the Sewer’s yelped about for a year and a half which turned out to be as phony as the Sewer Board Majority itself.

There was quite a discussion about the corrupt solar panel project including a list of issues that brought constant denials from Supervisor Rothermel who single handedly researched the cost of solar panels, which research proved the Insider Trading of the Republican Majority on the Sewer Board failed to get a fair price for the $190,050 solar project. Not one of the Corrupt Flock bothered to ask for a quote from the 273 solar panel installers in Pennsylvania. Instead they tried to get a copy of a non-existent document from the township to prove they failed to do any work or homework before they signed away $190,050.00 of citizens money to pay for their overpriced solar panels.

The little lice flock called me a Democrat even though they know I’m registered Republican. I’ve worked for Republicans including Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick, Senators McIllhenny and Tomlinson and ran as a Republican many times. Even though I came in second, I’m proud to have been on the ballot and delighted with the people of Bucks County, -(Except for the flock of lice).  

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