The Northampton Primates were out in force at the Sept. Supervisor Meeting to prove their lack of vision, their missing courage, and their childlike rule breaking that removed them from power after 200+ years of One Party Rule in Richboro, just like the Soviet Union. They fell from power because their missing grace under fire led them to immoral behavior, behavior that was always there but kept in check because they had the power of the purse in Northampton.

Just like the Evil Empires of the past, the Northampton GOP destroyed itself. The behaviors they exhibited at the Sept meeting were abysmal examples of the Insider Republicans at their best which is really bad. Lacking civility, decorum, grace, manners; missing all sorts of self control, they chortled, wheezed, shouted, mocked and fooled no one but themselves while proving how low some humans will stoop to try to get their way.

No one likes these people. No one want’s them anywhere near the levers of power. They tricked trapped, cheated and corrupted the¬†Northampton government. A sitting supervisor defaced, kicked over and stole political signs on the way to corrupting the government and he’s still in power but his days in power are numbered.

Most of the Northampton GOP are no longer running for political office because they were defeated by the voters of Northampton. The Evil’s were unable to fix the elections so they lost. As last night’s behaviors showed, these people are evil. Don’t be fooled because their names are not Stalin or Breznev. These are bad people living within Richboro, Churchville, & Holland. Let’s hope the are kept away from elected office. ¬†

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