The idea of Gun Control is to control the murder rate. The recent killings in Newtown, Ct have brought new calls to remove guns fron the citizens. But the Murder Rate in America has been going down.

There really is no acceptable murder rate. People have been murdering people since Cain killed Able. The murder rates in many places that prohibit civilians to have or to keep guns is higher, proving getting rid of civilian guns does not stop murders. Taking the guns will not stop the murders but is will stop the ability of some peole to defend themselves. It will also make a less fair and more unjust society because many victims will not be able to fight back. 

There is little information about how many times a gun foiled a crime. That has to be used to balance out the idea that guns are bad. Guns are also good. Good guns do more than stop murder. Good guns stop assaults, rapes and theft. Getting rid of civilian guns will cause crime to increase.   


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