He’s serious, Obama wants your guns. A dis-armed America is  easier to conquer.

No, Obama isn’t going to invade us. That’s for another dictator at another time. Obama just wants to set up America for the next dictator.

The gun grabbers will eventually have to take the guns from the police because police are people and the left doesn’t trust people who have guns. But how will the police protect people if people can’t be trusted with guns? The Left thinks the police are not really people, otherwise why / how could the police be trusted with guns? Maybe the Left thinks the police are better people than the people. No, that makes no sense. The police really are people.

The answer is: the Left want’s the stupid people, (yes Matt and Matilda, the Left really does believe you are stupid) to obey them. That still leaves the police. Police are people and police want their guns. This confuses the Left. How could some people have guns if people are too stupid to have guns?  What about the police who love guns? How could people who love guns be trusted with guns? Here’s another problem for the gun grabber in chief. How can police who are in the National Rifle Association be trusted with guns? The Left is conflicted. How, they should answer, can people who love guns be trusted with guns? How can the police who carry guns everyday, who have guns in their homes, who teach their children to handle guns safely and to use them with precision, how can those people possibly be allowed to have guns, to keep guns in their homes, to carry guns on the job, to have guns in the workplace, to join the NRA and to teach their children to use guns?  

Ask the Left. It’s their idea to ban guns.   

Here’s another, even bigger problen for the gun-grabbers. Most people are not afraid of a gun. Many people admire guns. Many people who face danger in their lives feel safer if they carry a gun. Sure, many people are afraid of a gun. They don’t have to buy one. It’s my fervent hope they will never, ever need one. It’s my hope the violent people in the world will keep away from them. My wish is that they are safe; that their children are safe; that they never, ever come close to guns but they are wrong to try to control those of us who are different. They can run from a crime but there are some brave souls who will run towards violence because they desperately want to do everything they can to stop it. 

What would happen if some teachers are armed? Why are there armed Sky Marshals on civilian aircraft? What happens when a drug dealer faces death from an outraged father who just lost a child because of heroin? What happens if someone like the Long Island killer was confronted and killed by a civilian with a gun? How safe would the places that support the production of drugs be if the civilians could shoot back? How safe would you be if you had personal police protection 24/7? How safe would a nation be if more people could shoot back?

It’s impossible to be safe from evil but the fight can be more fair if evil can confront for example a good child who was taught to use a gun by an adoring father. How many fewer robberies and rapes would happen if the victims had a gun? How many dead victims would be alive if they could at least fight back? 

Part of the legend of the Warsaw Ghetto tells about the fear of the SS because there were a few guns inside the ghetto. At the very least, in the age old fight between good and evil, the good had some guns. 

I remember how relaxed I felt the first time I walked with a concealed handgun. Yes, it could fire lots of rounds. It was semi-automatic and I called it an assault weapon because it could fire really big rounds. The muzzle flash could light up Second and Market. The blast would be heard for more than a few miles and I hoped it would stay inside my jacket. I wasn’t looking for trouble but it felt better to be prepared  

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