Obama is the worst kind of man. As President he’s failed America. As a man he’s failed America. He believes that America, as the lone Western super-power, represents the evil nature of colonialism which colonized vast swath’s of Africa and capitalism’s exploitation of the masses. What’s his evidence? The success of America.  

He got that from Colombia and Harvard who got it from Marx who decided that Capitalism was successful because capitalists exploited the people, the lumpenprolitariat. Marx and Obama believe Western Civilization must be destroyed.

Obama’s mindset holds under no circumstances can he defend or profess admiration for America. His will is to destroy any vestiges of America’s accomplishments as revenge for the alleged transgressions of the West.

Barack Obama has spent his entire life, from birth to the present, wallowing in this mindset. He was brought up to seek the permanent erosion of Western influence. Islamic terrorism as Obama the radical see’s it with it’s jihadist movement is the tip of the spear to bring down America and the West despite his half-hearted rhetoric

The 2016 American Presidential election is critical to the survival of Western civilization. What’s needed is a president who is not a member of but who can control the Washington cartel. That’s Trump. He’s the lone voice who understands the dangers of Immigration as the source of Terrirists and the most dangerous enemy is Islamic supremacy. Trump has the intelligence, demeanor, and ability to assume global leadership with quiet and firm self-confidence.

Only Trump can undo what Obama did and make America Great Again.

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