Since 9/11/2001 there have been about 220 terrorist attacks (Yes, that’s the total) with an average death toll of 150. The top attack was 9/11/2001 with 2,973 innocents murdered but many have zero victims except for the dead terrorist. Most terror attacks are in Israel who is fighting the Muslim Terrorists almost alone. Israel however has more people with more courage than any other nation.

Compare the terrorists attacks with the Germans or the Japanese in WWI and WWII where the total murdered was 50 to 80 million. The Terrorists have murdered about 38,000. That’s why President Obama called them “The JV”. The Terrorists are little more than a bunch of gangs. They couldn’t even kill Oraina Fallaci, a diminutive woman who died at age 77 in her sleep from cancer. Same for Pamella Geller who has been hitting the terrorists and showing them up as frightened people who attack from the shadows. Compared to the millions of heroic people who fought honorably Obama is right to call them crapweasels.

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