Most American electric cars run on fossil fuels and in America that usually means they run on coal.

Sorry Liberals but in it’s lifetime an electric car will use more coal to re-charge it’s batteries thereby wasting more energy than any gas engine car. Why? Because the electricity must be made at a a coal fired power plant before it can be sent to the battery charger. No electric car runs on magically-made electricity and the President has put America further into decline by prohibiting cosl to be used to make electricity.

The best way to power a vehicle is a diesel engine. Diesels use less energy than gasoline engines and a gasoline engine uses less energy than an electric car. Period.

When an electric car is plugged into an outlet it uses electricity to re-charge it’s batteries. Most of the electricity is wasted because changing electricity into battery acid is about 80% wasted electricity but the electricity itself comes from coal. Coal is the most popular fuel to make electricity. It’s easy to clean coal smoke by swirling it on the way up the smokestack which pushes the particles, -which are heavier than the air, to the outside of the smokestack where they are collected then disposed of. But burning coal to make heat to heat water to make steam to drive a generator to make electricity to power a battery charger to power an electric motor in a “Commie Car” wastes energy.

Getting the energy from the coal changed into electricity then getting that electricity into and out of the battery and into the motor wastes about 95% of the energy in the coal. It’s 20% efficient times another 20% of the 20% which is 4%. (Twenty percent times twenty percent is .2 times .2 which is 0.04 which is 4%. the true percent’s are even lower but 4% is low enough to make the case that using electricity to power a car is terribly wasteful of energy and terribly wasteful of coal but the problems of an electric car aren’t over there.

The batteries need to be disposed of. They contain lots of lead, cadmium, and nickel. How much of that do you want in your landful?

The Liberal-Industrial Complex would have you believe electric cars are best for the environment. That’s junk-science. The rather simple arithmetic above proves how junky an electric car is for the environment.

If you really want to go green, buy a diesel engined car. Liberals should buy a bicycle and candles or admit they can’t follow their junk-science principles.

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