Don’t Blame The Republicans. Frazetta Style ElephantThe Democrats did it. The damn Progressive Liberal Left Wing Democrats did it. The Democrats / Liberals passed laws that increased the number of black prisoners in American Jails. Over 7 million Americans are in jail or on probation. Nearly 60% are black or Latino and it’s thanks to Gunnar Myrdal’s “American Dilemma” which counseled the modernization and enlargement of the criminal justice system and which was used by President Truman’s “Committee on Civil Rights” to build a better justice and prison system. Mandatory sentencing took discretion from judges.

Lyndon Johnson’s Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 funded more helicopters, gas masks riot gear, smoke and gas grenades and increased the militarization of the local police systems. The Liberals and the Democrats demanded a better system that was racially fair.

Even Joe Biden got into the act saying;” the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 new cops and 125,000 new prison cells.” End Biden quote. Who wound up disproportionately in Biden’s jail cells? Black Americans.

Now that the black community knows who put them in prison cells it can respond.

All this and more is in a new book: “The First Civil Right” by Naomi Murakawa. The Progressives deserve their share of the credit along with President Obama and Al Sharpton for the present state of Cop Haters.

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