Aug 192018

It’s not enough to admit something extremely wrong happened and that some officials are sorry. There are victims here of crimes so hideous that most people would recoil in horror as they are reported but it’s such a wide and deep set of problems that the entire organization must be charged and punished.

Here are some of the crimes. They will make you weep.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal
Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Report Says
Pennsylvania Grand Jury Says Church Had a ‘Playbook for Concealing the Truth’
What Father Bradel Did to Me

For Catholics, Gradual Reform Is No Longer an Option

Another awful article

The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, U.S., is a significant episode in the series of Catholic sex abuse cases in the United States, Ireland and elsewhere. The Philadelphia abuses were substantially revealed through a grand jury investigation in 2005. In early 2011, a new grand jury reported extensive new charges of abusive priests active in the archdiocese. In 2012, a guilty plea by priest Edward Avery and the related trial and conviction of Monsignor William Lynn and mistrial on charges against Rev. James J. Brennan followed from the grand jury’s investigations. In 2013, Rev. Charles Engelhardt and teacher Bernard Shero were tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. Lynn was the first official to be convicted in the United States of covering up abuses by other priests in his charge and other senior church officials have been extensively criticized for their management of the issue in the archdiocese. There are the Madrigales. There is Cardinal Law of Boston who was sent out of America to the Vatican for protection from prosecution in America. Incredibly he said mass in Rome at the most holy shrine of catholicism at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. So much for holiness.
This has become a criminal institution full of crimes and cover-ups. What should be done beggars belief, it is so hideous. But it happened and all indications point to it being on-going.

A massive article that summarizes the abuses of children by the church cannot capture all the evil of this institution.  It isn’t holy. It’s worse than simple criminality. It needs to be defeated.  

The Catholic Church is going to hell in a handbasket in the wake of doing zero to stop these pedophile predator priests from abusing young boys and girls,” explained retired Salem, Oregon, police administration Jessica Ament during a Aug. 15, 2018 interview in the wake of six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania keeping ‘a playbook for concealing the truth’ for more than 1,000 sexual abuse victims,” added the 78-year-old mother and grandmother with tears in her eyes. Ament said she read how “special agents with the F.B.I.’s national Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime helped review the evidence that proves more than 300 Catholic pedophile priests in Pennsylvania raped and abused young children; while the bishops, cardinals and Catholic Church leaders in Rome covered it all up. How horrible. How this reeks of the Devil here on Earth.” The aim of this special “new journalism” Kindle e-book is to report ongoing child molestation by Catholic pedophile predator priests. This reporter is a former Catholic altar boy and someone who took religion classes during eight years at Our Lady Star of the Sea elementary school in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and four more years of religious training at Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, New Jersey. This lapsed Catholic and former altar boy tells readers that he never met a priest or nun who wasn’t kind and nice; while never being abused. However, this new journalism reporter has interviewed many victims of Catholic pedophile predator priests and it’s not pretty. In fact, some of the most horrific stories this reporter has ever heard have come from the mouths of victims who often describe their abuse by priests and nuns as, “good reason to be committed to an insane asylum because you lose all your bearings when realizing it’s Satan whose been given a free pass to sexually abuse you by your own Catholic Church.”

From The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia comes a massive, massive report of the problems of priests with child abuse. 

Here’s the index: 
Preface and executive summary – includes a summary of each volume and a complete list
of all recommendations.
Volume 1 Our inquiry – introduces the Final Report and describes the establishment,
scope and operations of the Royal Commission.
Volume 2 Nature and cause – describes what the Royal Commission learned about
the nature and cause of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts.
Volume 3 Impacts – explains the impacts of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts
on survivors and often their family members, friends, and entire communities.
Volume 4 Identifying and disclosing child sexual abuse – describes what we learned
about survivors’ experiences of disclosing child sexual abuse.
Volume 5 Private sessions – describes survivors’ experiences of child sexual abuse as told
to Commissioners during private sessions.
Volume 6 Making institutions child safe – outlines a national strategy for child sexual abuse prevention
and proposes child safe standards including how institutions may implement them.
Volume 7 Improving institutional responding and reporting – looks at institutions’ responses
to complaints of child sexual abuse and how they report these matters to external
government authorities.
Volume 8 Recordkeeping and information sharing – examines the records, recordkeeping
and information sharing of institutions that care for or provide services to children.
Volume 9 Advocacy, support and therapeutic treatment services – looks at what we learned
about survivors’ needs in terms of advocacy, support and treatment and offers
recommendations for improving service systems to better respond to survivors’ needs.
Volume 10 Children with harmful sexual behaviours – examines what we learned about
institutional responses to children with harmful sexual behaviours.
Volume 11 Historical residential institutions – describes what we learned about survivors’ experiences
of, and institutional responses to child sexual abuse in residential institutions, pre-1990.
Volume 12 Contemporary out-of-home care – examines what we learned about institutional
responses to child sexual abuse in contemporary out-of-home care.
Volume 13 Schools – describes what we learned about institutional responses to child sexual
abuse in schools.
Volume 14 Sport, recreation, arts, culture, community and hobby groups – looks at what we learned
about institutional responses to child sexual abuse in sport and recreation contexts.
Volume 15 Contemporary detention environments – reviews what we learned about institutional
responses to child sexual abuse in contemporary detention environments.
Volume 16 Religious institutions – examines what we learned about institutional responses
to child sexual abuse in religious institutions.
Volume 17 Beyond the Royal Commission – describes the impact and legacy of the Royal Commission
and discusses monitoring and reporting on the implementation of our recommendations.
How does the world hold a large institution responsible for these crimes on such a massive scale? So far the answer is: It’s Doesn’t. These Crimes certainly paid well for the priests a who committed them and for the church that covered their tracks.