Clever they’re not. Under the false title the editors asked: “What is it about the Donald? They proceeded to trash him while seeming to ask why he is so popular? For example their second sentence called him “the insult everyone candidate”. Why did they have to insult Trump when they seem to hate him because he insults people? Then they said he “lacks depth”, this man who has more success in business than the Courier has as a newspaper with a shrinking number of customers because they are not smart enough to get more people to buy the Courier.

They laugh about Trumps plan to deport illegals saying it’s fantasy to think about deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, about a quarter of the actual number in America. But they crossed the border once, why is it fantasy as the Courier claims, to have them cross it again but going the other way?

The Courier editors are among the worlds lowest worms. They are flat out lying about Trump by trying to get people to tell them why he is popular as they lie about who he is and what he has done. Who could take anything they read in the Courier as truth when they lie so much about Donald Trump? Worms.

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