He was a fighter. General George S. Patton is an American legend. He was the best General of the Army, period and he paid a price to the lesser American Generals like Eisenhower, Bradley and Marshall who knew how fantastic Patton was yet they constantly harangued him with nonsensical punishments. The German generals knew better and tried to avoid him. German general Rommell respected Patton and called him the most innovative Commander of WWII. Instead of a feckless little man like President Obama leading America lower and the rest of the world having less respect for America because of Obama, a leader like Patton would have chewed up ISIS and spit them out years ago.

Patton was kept down by General Eisenhower. Patton would have ended WWII in Europe 10 months sooner with fewer dead soldiers if he had been where he belonged, in charge of the D-Day Army instead of being put in charge of part of it.  

If Patton were in charge of America’s military ISIS would be history. Instead we have Obama who prefers walking away from a fight instead of winning it. It’s like Obama is playing chess and ISIS is fighting a war. They’re not in the same arena. Unfortunately for the good people in America, in France or in the rest of the world, Obama is not even in the game. 


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