Educate, Motivate Innovate. EMI covers one of the programs to teach low IQ students to read. Reading is fundamental but it requires a modicum of intellect to kick-start it. What is the lowest IQ needed to learn to read? From: “Innate causes of Disability”, “Children with I.Q.’s from 70 to 80 can learn to read with reasonable skill, though more slowly and at a later age, and with less adequate understanding of connected prose.” In elementary and high schools the low intellect students can be and usually are separated. Once out of the school system there’s no way to identify slow learners. Clearly they must not be expected to do the same jobs as higher intellect people. In addition they cannot be taught to do them. Minimum IQ people might even be dangerous if employed to do certain jobs like fire, EMT and police where a mistake can be fatal.

But in every industry there are jobs that are done better by people who are better educated, at least to the extent of being able to read well. People who cannot read should not be paid as high as people who can read. It’s a fact of life that people have different levels of abilities which makes it necessary to pay people who can work better more money. the converse is also true. People who cannot perform as well as others must not be paid as munch money as those who can.

People are certainly equal under the law but not in the marketplace where capability should be paid more than those who are incapable. It’s not a nice thing to say or think but it’s no one’s fault. It’s the nature of the differences in people.  


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