To improve her un-likability she uses blue-tinted contact lenses. It doesn’t work. She’s still phony Hillary, the cover-up artist who made her husband philander. Sure, Bill loved the ladies but that’s what Hillary was. Jennifer Flowers and probably hundreds of others did her job with her husband. A phony woman. A phony wife and “Hilla the Hun” as Bill called her behind her back because she couldn’t get the job done.

Quoting from The Atlantic, “When R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.  ran into Bill and Hillary at a restaurant, for example, she “glared at me like a viper about to strike a rodent.” The portrait Tyrrell paints of “the Lady Macbeth of Little Rock” is a little too personal. In his 2004 book, Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House, he describes her when she first arrived in Arkansas as having “baggy” clothes and eyebrows so “thick,” they “would have collected coal dust in a Welsh mining village.” He claims that Hillary hurled “tirades and flying objects” at “Bill’s defenseless skull,” and that when they lived in the governor’s mansion, the household cook declared, “The devil’s in that woman.”

“They wouldn’t understand that Clinton and Mrs. Clinton privately hired PIs to harass the women who were sleeping with him.”

“They wouldn’t understand the repeated thwarting of election laws and financial caps on fund-raising.”

“They wouldn’t understand the funny money coming out of China and other parts of Asia.”

“They wouldn’t understand that she stole White House furniture.”

His goal is to introduce Millennials to “the reality of who she is, not who she says she is.”

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