From the black MC, Chris Rock, to the closing, just about every scene was so careful to include some black person or black group. Spike Lee sure got it wrong so he missed one of the blackest Oscar shows in history and next year will be worse for him if he misses it again. Leonardo DiCpario however refused to donate part of his enormous pay, Chris Rock said $30 million per picture, to his favorite cause which makes him a huge hypocrite. DiCaprio flew in a fuel guzzleing private jet to the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to attack the “greed” of the energy industry because he believes the world is getting too hot because too many people waste fuel. He’s developing an uninhabited island that can only be reached by Jet aircraft or large boats that burn more fuel than scores of cars.

DiCaprio took six roundtrip private jet flights in private jet aircraft during April and May 2014, all paid for by Sony.

According to leaked docs, 0n April 17, 2014, Leo flew from Los Angeles to New York at a cost of $63,000 for a filmmaker’s meeting that, it was noted, could only be done in person.

Ten days later, his then-girlfriend Toni Garrn was listed as a guest on the return flight to Los Angeles, with an additional cost of $63,000, plus $3,000 in food catering and $300 spent on car service.

On May 4, Leo again flew from Los Angeles to New York, this time at a cost of $37,306.60, plus $1,506.60 in catering and $800 in car service. The site reports that trip was also listed as a “meeting.”

He then went back to Los Angeles on May 31, at a cost of $55,000. His mother Irmelin DiCaprio and friend Lukas Haas were also listed as expected passengers, per Radar Online.

Last year, The Daily Mail reported DiCaprio’s personal yacht cost more than $200 million to build. Christened “The Rising Sun,” the impressive ship is the 11th largest yacht in the world, with accommodations for up to 16 guests and 45 crewmembers and it runs on enough diesel fuel to heat a small town. Di Caprio tells enough lies he could run with Hillary for VP.

How did a roomful of political neophytes get to be climate scientists? They get paid to read lines written by others. they are the reasons people don’t trust movies to tell the truth. Oh, wait. Movies are not real. They are photographs with music, i.e., entertainment. Never take them seriously and in the case of Hollywood wait until they are on TV.

How fake is the movie world? Best Picture, best director and best actor made a movie about the cold winter but not once did anyone’s breath show up on screen. See how little they know about science? They can’t even get it right about cold.

And Vice President Joe Biden who just apologized for America to the Mexicans muffed his lines again. LOL.

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