“Trump stands out there with something the other candidates lack, a compelling message. Trump speaks, like it or not, as an American. He goes after Putin [sic], the Chinese, the Pope and the presidents of Mexico. He even says he’ll be even-handed with Israel and its neighbors.

“Trump speaks as a nationalist, that’s how he talks. He speaks not of how he’ll handle the job of president—how he’ll operate the government of Washington, what bills he will sign or veto, but, rather, how he will lead America in the world.

“Trump’s rivals for the presidency speak of government; he speaks of country, this country, and that makes all the difference. Someone like Rubio cannot contest Trump on this level. It’s too late for him to try or even imagine fully what Trump is doing. Rubio cannot at this late stage muster a winning strategy.

“Trump has one. It’s in his slogan. Make America great again.” Chris Matthews said all this. Good for him.

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