Hitler conquered Western Europe but he wasn’t motivated by love. It took World War 2 to stop him. Vladimir Putin doesn’t love Syrians so why did he send his military to Syria? What exactly is he doing there? There are no enemies of Russia in Syria.

Oh wait. Russia has a large Muslim population on it’s Southern borders in addition to the Tatars in Tataristan and the Muslim majority in Vladiskazkan, Putin had to allow the de facto implementation of Sharia law in Chechnya including polygamy and enforced veiling. The Muslims in Russia are more than a token presence so Putin will be appeasing some of them by helping Syria maintain it’s dictatorship in Syria. Putin seems to be at least a peti-dictator who was trained by the KGB so he’s not the loving kind of person.

Or it’s the control of the oil in Iraq that entices Putin. It’s definitely not love.  

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