What’s wrong with these people who assault Trump supporters? Assault is a crime. There’s no such thing as a Right To Assault. The crimes of assault and battery, involve intentional harm inflicted on one person by another.  Threatening to attack someone is an assault. Battery is a physical attack on a person or property. Another word for battery is beating. Beating people is a crime that isn’t reported these days because it’s considered a micro-aggression by the politically correct Liberals who want to support people who beat other people because most beatings occur in the underclasses in America. that would include the individuals who formed a mob to attack supporters of Donald Trump.

Trump said Mexico isn’t sending their best to America. As shown in the video’s of the attacking individuals in the mobs Mexico is sending criminals to America. Trump didn’t say that but the recent video’s prove it. The proof is the photo’s of the people in the mobs that are attacking Trump supporters. Play “Where is Waldo” while watching the videos of the individuals in the mobs. See if you can identify the national origin of the members of the mobs.

Turns out not only was Trump correct to identify Mexico as the perpetrator, he was also correct to propose a partial solution: build a beautiful wall to keep American’s safe from the criminal types who sneak into America to sell drugs, beat people and rape in America. America needs a wall and it needs to deport people who are in the mobs that beat people, jump on cars, burn cars, ruin property, block the streets, throw rocks at police, attack white women as well as white men and refuse to disperse when ordered. People who cannot respect American values do not belong among Americans.

The criminals coming to America are not only Mexicans. Look at the video’s. See if you can identify the national origins of the criminals. Are they German or British? Honduran or Guatemalan? Irish or Lithuanian? European or South American?

They are inspired by Obama. Unassimilated “multiculturalism” yields unpatriotic behavior, and we have it in spades now in the “transformed” United States of America. Obama caused the violent protesters by short circuiting immigration enforcement, by the expansion of Hispanic and Syrian inflows.

Those who burn the American flag at Trump rallies and disrupt the process are not protesters, they are criminals encouraged by Obama, George Soros, Bill Ayres and the Liberal Media that refuses to condemn the violence. All are steeped in hatred for the history of this nation. Supporting this feeling is a President who apologizes to the world for the actions of this nation and who has himself disregarded the nature of the Constitution.

America was the first country to be founded with no monarchy, no hereditary aristocracy, and no established religion. The American Bill of Rights guarantees every citizen freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to gather in peaceful assembly, the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, and the right to bear arms, among other freedoms and rights. America is a nation of compassion, innovation, freedom, opportunity, ideas, wealth, equality, and respect envied throughout the world. That’s what the mobs are attacking when they burn the American flag. That’s what Obama opposes when he travels around apologizing for America.

Obama is the worst kind of Liberal. He’s very generous with other peoples money but he’s been a disaster by being generous with national security when he’s been generous by giving up American’s freedom and security.

Obama is the cause of the mobs riots against Trump. He’s encouraged non-Americans to speak out against America inside America. He needs to tell his people in the anti-Trump mobs to give up their criminal behaviors. Of course he won’t because he just cannot bring himself to condemn the criminals he’s been supporting.

Obama needs to speak out and tell the mobs that he’s been wrong allowing them to stay in America when they clearly don’t want to be here. Let them go to Cuba where the Castro’s support the anti-American’s in America.

Paradise for Obama would be a place where everyone has free comprehensive medical care, free college educations, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only the cops have guns. Believe it or not such a liberal utopia does indeed exist, …..it’s called prison.

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