He has armed guards. He can’t control either side of his mouth. He’s an Evangelical Liberal and massively hypocritical. He was bested by Wayne LaPierre who got it right. LaPierre said: Protect the kids like you protect the money, the president and the celebrities, … with armed people. Moore looks down on you and likes telling you what to do. Guns for him, not you. He refuses to trust the police. He hired armed assassians for himself. At least he knows there are people who don’t like his bolviating. Moore gets it wrong –  a lot. He couldn’t answer Wayne LaPierre’s idea about protecting America’s children by posting armed guards at each school, .. like Israel and Texas do. Moore couldn’t answer so child minded as he is, he called LaPierre names. Another Moore intellectual failure.

Moore can’t answer why there are extremely high murder rates in the third world where people can’t afford a gun so they use clubs, knives, rocks, sticks, fists, frying pans, gangs, hanging and poison. The murder rates against which to compare America are not Canada or the UK. Use Switzerland where each home has a machine gun. Some have mortors too. Use most of Africa to compare how successful America’s Second Amendment has been. Use the celebrities who have armed guards as a comparison. Use Obama. They don’t get murdered. Their kids don’t get murdered because they go to schools like Sidwell which has eleven armed guards.

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