Trump knows far more about jobs than Hillary and he will beat Hillary because he will bring back jobs from Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland and Austria? Austria? Yes, even Austria….. How?

Simple. Hillary has been on the scene for over 25 years. Jobs have been declining all during that time and not only did she do nothing about it, she fired people along the way like Billy Dale and the White House Travel office staff. Trump on the other hand has been building, creating jobs and hiring people since 1976, –40 years. Let that sink in.

Trump has been creating jobs for over 40 years. He tells anyone who listens about it: “after four or five years in Brooklyn, I ventured into Manhattan and did a lot of great deals — the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I was responsible for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the West Side. I did a lot of great deals, and I did them early and young.” Did you get that? The Javits Center is “Yuge”. Ride past the Javits Center. Go inside. they have Indoor Boat shows with huge yachts Inside! Spectacular.

Building the Javits Center is not a job for politicians like Hillary. It takes enormous know-how and Trump did it. People think he just bragging when he says, very casually, “I did a lot of great deals” but ride past the Javits center. It’s not bragging, it’s true.

So Trump has done what Hillary could never do. Create jobs.

Being honest means explaining: Trump didn’t build the Javits Center so people could have jobs. Creating jobs was necessary but incidental to his deal to build the building but jobs, jobs, jobs came out of Trumps deal. And how many deals has Trump done with his “Great Company”?? How many jobs are done at the Javits Center by one International boat show and the Javits has held hundreds of shows with thousands of jobs. Consider many salesmen are needed to run a boat show. Hundreds? Nope. Thousands. At a typical Javits Center International Boat show there are a thousand exhibitors. At a typical Javits Jewelry show perhaps two thousand tables and exhibitors are operating. It takea a thousand peole just to set-up one show.

Trump got rich doing real estate deals that created millions of jobe over the past 40 years. Hillary? She created jobs for the girlfriends of Bill but that was by accident.

Here’s another set of factoids. China, Japan, Korea etc have been getting bigger and bigger percents of American manufacturing simply by making deals that American companies turn over manufacturing secrets in exchange for lower prices. Trump will change that. American manufacturing will get great again.

America has know-how. Typically the mainstream academics, media and politicians think of manufacturing as requiring Capital for factories and labor to run them but production is mostly driven by ideas. Inventors have an idea and capital and labor are brought together to make something, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney did it that way. Americans got ideas before other people. Think Wright Brothers. Trump is an American that saw great value in making great deals to make great buildings and to make a great company. that meant jobs. Trump has been about jobs all of his life now he want’s to make great deals for America and Americans.

Trump Hires; Hillary Fires. End of story and end of Hillary.

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