About 40 world leaders arrived in Paris to join the show of force which dwarf ed similar rallies on Saturday in France and across the globe but “Where’s Obama?”. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron are in attendance. Benjamin Netanyahu. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said “Europe will win the battle against terrorism.” In more controversial comments the Spanish Interior Minister was quoted as saying that Europe may need to rethink it’s Schengen border-free zone in order to fight the threat of Islamist militants. American President Obama stayed home.

Today Paris is the capital of the world

Ahead of the rally the French President said that today Paris is the capital of the world. Scenes of streets packed with normal people holding similar marches across the globe confirm his idea. The world mourns the dead in Paris who were murdered by the nit-wit murderers who were killed by the French police. One collaborationist, a woman escaped France and is reported in Syria.


That depends on France. Will they return to business as usual and continue to pander to the special interest groups who have taken over entire neighborhoods and who bring their own culture to France to replace the French culture? That’s most likely. That’s what President Obama wants. He’s happy to let someone else do the heavy lifting while he continues his destruction of America with his issuance of an American passport, drivers license, cell phone and EBT card to whoever want’s it. His Dreams From His Father have infused themselves into Obama’s psyche which now holds the future of America in his mischievous hands.

The moral equivalence of Obama ?


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