Congressman Fitzpatrick is a registered Republican who won a great victory against Kathy Bookvar in 2012. He was supported by Republicans of course and by members of the tea parties, many of whom are also registered Republican.

Congressman Fitzpatrick was also  supported by Democrats as well as by voters registered “Independent”. His appeal crossed many political boundaries.

The Second Amendment and Guns are Tea Party issues. 

Most Tea Party voters use a candidates support of guns as a litmus test. There are other issues for many Tea Party voters but for most of us the Second Amendment is a critical issue.

Congressman Fitzpatrick voted to expand background checks. Tea Party voters see that as an anti-gun position but not as bad as calling for an assault weapon ban or a large magazine ban ala Diane Feinstein.

The debate over background checks is very distorted. The Left uses it as a wedge issue to wrongly condemn gun owners by claiming there is a gun show loophole. There isn’t.

Those of us who  attend gun shows know about how extremely law abiding the attendees and the dealers are. The anti-gun people say it’s easy to buy an illegal gun by walking down the aisles where people with guns to sell do it by just handing it over.

Security at the door would easily catch such silliness.

Same for the idea that illegal guns are sold in the parking lots of gun shows. That just doesn’t happen. Security in the parking lots of a gun show  is pretty intense. It would be easier to pay a car salesman to give you the keys to a car at a car dealer. That doesn’t happen either.

So back to Congressman Fitzpatrick and his support of gun rights. That’s his position. He’s never, ever talked about seizing guns.

When the Congressman was a Bucks County Commissioner the Sheriff issued permits to carry a gun and the Commissioner never objected.

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