Symbolically that’s what the man did by refusing to attend the rally with the other world leaders. Less than two years left in his phony Presidency, not because he wasn’t elected President. He was but because he’s not sufficiently American or human.

That’s strong language but the man deserves a trip to the woodshed to get at least a proper set of manners which he failed to get during his adolescent years with two parents, neither of whom was supportive of America. They took advantage of the greatness of America; going to top schools; having the freedom to run their own lives and look how that worked out.

Yes, it would seem that having a son who was elected President twice would validate their goodness but then take a look at his achievements especially his crude slap across the faces of Europeans by not attending the rally in Paris. But Obama’s not someone who has respect for American or Europeans. Is he against them because of what he thinks they did to the world? Discovering Liberty and implementing cultural values far superior to cultures with lesser achievements?

The Third World is important. But so are America and Europe. Obama could easily move between his world, his people and the rest of the nations. But his mind and belief systems prevent him from doing that. What does he believe? After six years in the spotlight it’s almost preposterous to have to ask that but he’s MIA in the pantheon of world leaders.

He’s the leader of one of the most amazing cultures but he hasn’t come to that conclusion yet. He may never grasp just how gauche he is. Others are not so blind. Shame on him.  .

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