First the Prize….. The Lenin Peace Prize …..was mainly awarded to prominent Socialists and supporters of the Soviet Union who were not Soviet citizens. Notable recipients include: W. E. B. Du Bois, Fidel Castro, Salvador Allende, Sean MacBride, Angela Davis, Pablo Picasso, and Nelson Mandela. The Russian government, as the successor state to the defunct Soviet Union, ended the award program. but the betting is Obama is in the running for the LPP in 2016 after he leaves office in America.

THE PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY will be the first every built outside America. Iran is so grateful to Obama and John Kerry for paving the way for Tehran’s first Nuclear bomb they have earmarked about 20 acres for the building. Many prominent Americans who detest Obama’s feckless Presidency are so grateful to Iran for building Obama’s Library outside America that they sending millions in donations to Iran. The Clinton’s are reported to be jealous. They wanted those donations.  

Of course the foregoing is a spoof that however has threads of reality due to Obama’s policies that have supported Socialism, such as Obamacare as well as his appointment of many Socialists to government positions and his obvious favoritism towards Islam, Muslims and of course his so-called Nuclear treaty with Iran which really does provide a path to the bomb for Iran.

Obama could have intervened in Syria when Bashar Assad crossed the Obama Red Line by shelling Assad’s airfields, and shooting up his planes and helicopters while they were on the ground. Instead Obama chickened out which is why he’s in the running for the Lenin Peace Prize. Not fighting is not the same as creating peace and not fighting is what Obama’s good at.

As Walter Russell Mead wrote in The American Interest, “This (Syrian Refugee) crisis is in large part the direct consequence of President Obama’s decision to stand aside and watch Syria burn.” Some of us find it a bit nervy for the president to lecture the opposition party for heartlessness because cleaning up after his failure raises security concerns.

Now Obama’s blaming Republicans who are reluctant to allow more young male Jihadii’s into America. Obama lost the Middle East to the modern world. President Putin has more courage than Obama so Obama’s staying out of his way.


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