Here’s the changing graphic that shows how the middle class was squeezed from below and above in Chicago but the story here is the opposite from the one printed by Liberal, “Hate The Rich” CBS Chicago purposely, …wrongly,… blames the Rich. Here’s their quote: ” the wealthy pushed the poor out of the near West Side.” The numbers show more average people became poor so the correct conclusion is The Poor, not The Rich,  – pushed out the middle class. See and judge for yourself.  (Here).

There are many causes but at rock bottom government intervention into the commercial world seems to be the culprit. The grey colored areas show the percent of people who earned an average income. It changed over 40 years. By 2012 most people in the Chicago Area earned less than the 1990 average as shown by the three tan colors. Simultaneously, more people earned above the average as shown by the three green colors. The middle class  was changed, mostly to people who earned less than the average. Too bad for the people of Chicago.


By making it more expensive to do business. -More expensive to start a business. -More expensive to run a business until finally there are fewer businesses to support an expanding number of people. Poverty doesn’t start itself. Wealth comes from commerce. Commerce Creates Wealth. Government Intervention causes poverty. Proof? Study the Income Maps of Chicago. Government is the greatest enemy of Capitalism; of business and of wealth. A proper government stays out of business. A bad government penalizes business and creates poverty. That shouldn’t be the goal of government but poverty is the effect of the welfare state.

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