The Missing Middle is a logical fallacy. “Invade Them/Unite Them” has been used as a slogan against the American Invasion of Iraq, an invasion that succeeded in removing Saddam Hussein from power. The invasion however became an occupation of Iraq for the purpose of making Iraq a democracy. That failed. Democracy failed in Iraq. The occupation by America was stopped but Iraq was then invaded by murderers who decide who they will murder and who they will permit to live.

Iraq is the home of Terrorists who are waging War against America and murdering Americans. America however has a confused President who want’s to be friends to the murderers of Americans. He want’s to re-locate people, some of whom are Terrorists to America but he doesn’t know how to separate the good people from the Terrorists. Even more dangerous for American’s President Obama doesn’t care if some Americans are murdered by Terrorists.

The missing middle in Invade/Unite is Change. If the people of Iraq are not changed so they aren’t dangerous to Americans they will continue to harbor Terrorists who will murder Americans.

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