This is very important because it’s about the CHARACTER JUDGEMENT, SCRUPLES AND MORALITY, of a potential American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Her thought process is severally distorted, possibly even criminal.
It’s against the law to knowingly or unwittingly conceal government documents. Period. Anyone who graduated Law School knows that. Even worse for Hillary, whether or not she knew it she is expected to know it. As a professional Attorney, one who took and passed the bar, she has not one excuse.

Hillary sent TOP SECRET documents out of the Department of State to computers and servers at her home and possibly elsewhere. She kept them on private, secret, unsecured computers and servers “at her house”. That is far more serious than keeping them on her cell phone. She could have printed some of the documents. She is still in possession of some of them. She knowingly refused to provide the documents to Congressional Investigators. She has defied subpoena’s while she had them on her home computers and servers.

Usually servers are at remote locations but Hillary concealed the existence of the servers and the State Documents which she held inside a fortress erected by the Secret Service around her home in Chappaqua, Connecticut. Hillary defiantly concealed the existence of those servers and documents from investigators during the Benghazi imbroglio and other breaches of the law.

Bill Clinton probably used those servers too.

This woman, this dissociative personality, this schizophrenic, hallucinogenic, psychotic, deranged individual is connected more to the likes of personalities like Josef Stalin. Like him, Hillary is diabolically, congenitally and politically immoral. She has exhibited manic behavior on more than one occasion like during the Benghazi hearings with her now infamous: “what difference at this point does this make?” Her shouting, screaming and screeching at people of lower status than herself while she was “The First Lady” is legendary. It reveals a deeply manic personality.

Hillary could be even more politically, intellectually and criminally lethal than Felix Derzhinsky who founded the infamous CHECKA. She does not belong in public office or the public eye where more damage to her own psyche will occur. She needs professional counseling and medication, not more political pressure. It’s in her own interests to guide her out of the public eye. It’s in the interests of America to get her help and to never get her on the ballot. Her friends should step up. Her husband Bill Clinton should advise her to stop. Her daughter Chelsea should intervene. Hillary needs social rehabilitation although it’s possible she has no normal mental state to which she can rehabilitate to. Please, for the sake of humanity, will somebody stop her??

Just removing documents and electronic copies from the Department of State is a violation punishable by prison and $100,000.00 for each document said Judge Napolitano. (HERE). It’s the act of doing what she did that’s the problem for her. It’s not the e-mails themselves or what’s in them although that elevates her legal problems. Her behavior is like a bank teller taking the banks money home. It’s not just the amount of money that’s part of the law breaking. Whether or not the money was safe and secure in a vault in the home of the bank teller is not the issue at all. It’s the acts of removing, transporting and storing the money. It’s all wrong. Hillary did all of that and more. She defied subpoena’s. She mislead Congressional investigators.

Judge Napolitano also said: “Clinton could get into even more trouble, he said, if she has held back any of her emails from investigators or has destroyed them. That would be a felony and punishment would include three years in prison and being barred from ever holding public office.”

This is not her first effort at concealment and mis-direction of investigators. She has a history of that. She’s done this before.

Hillary was found with over 900 FBI files of government investigations on political opponents, files she had concealed inside the residence of the White House.

Another document concealment and another very serous matter was the Rose Law Firm Billing records which she hid inside the residence of the White House. The act of obtaining them was her problem. She should not have had access to them but her husband, a world class rule-breaker, President Bill Clinton should not have had them either.

It’s not whether or not the e-mails or documents on her private computer were secure just like it doesn’t matter if the bank teller kept the banks money safe in her home. It’s having the money at home that’s the problem for a bank teller just as it’s Hillary’s problem that she had the billing records, just as it’s her problem that she had confidential secret State Department documents and information where they should never have been.

What about the home computer of Hillary’s personal assistant, Huma Abedin? That should be surrendered to the investigators too. Huma is Anthony Weiners wife and neither his character nor judgment are good. These people constitute a malicious gaggle of bad operators.

What about the computer of Bill Clinton? Did he have access to Hillary’s computer or servers? Did he use the servers? Who paid for the servers in his home in Chappaqua? How many other people saw or used the information on Hillary’s servers? Where else did she sent the data? Were those servers hacked by the Chinese or by Putin? How far and how deep does this go?

Both Hillary and her husband are very adroit at lying about just about anything and the Left-Wing / Progressive Spin Machine got busy. Their self-imposed job is to whiten up the black lies about Hillary’s removal of the secret documents from the Department of State.

Hillary most likely will escape prosecution. She will probably be pardoned even before being prosecuted. Her husband President Bill Clinton, for example, saved his former CIA director, John Deutch, from prosecution by pardoning him for having classified materials on his laptops and relabeling them as unclassified. Perhaps President Obama will pardon Hillary. Think so? Would he pardon her before she’s charged? Would he wait until she’s elected but not sworn in? Should Obama even worry about Hillary?

Hillary is such a congenital liar that she was kicked off the Democratic Legal team that was investigating President Nixon about the Watergate brake-in. Decades ago her character was revealed. She was acting above the law that far in the past. Hillary should never be in elected office ever again.

This is far worse than the “Blue Dress” or “Travel Gate” or the “Whitewater Project” or a “$100,000 Stock Profit”. It’s willful, law-breaking and Hillary’s failure to keep the public trust. She should be in a dog house or an out house. She will sully the White House.

Channeling Churchhill: “this is nonsense up with which I will not put”. We shouldn’t put up with it either.

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