“City Wolves” to murder Americans, Europeans and Israelis; to terrorize them where they live; to make them fear Muslims in their midst is part of the larger War On The West to colonize us into the faith of their prophet. But it’s failing as fast as Trump is rising. In fact it’s the root cause of Donald Trumps massive popularity.

The resistance of Americans against more Immigration has moved America into xenophobia, a distinctly un-American attitude but made necessary because of Islam with the greater danger that the hatred caused by Islamic Terror will lead to the destruction of religion itself as the basis of all religions gets called into question.

All religion is based in or has a large component of a belief in the Supernatural within it’s foundations. To a greater or lesser extent the Supernatural is the silver-bullet argument into which all argument about religion will evolve.

The San Bernardino murders by two followers of the prophet is leading to the conclusion that all Muslims want to murder all Westerners and Israelis. No second choice is available based on the unbelievably long list of murders by Muslims. Depending on where you want to begin the count of murders by Muslims the total is huge. Millions, according to Tom Sowell. America itself is fractured into groups who believe the cause is Islam, Religion itself or like Loretta Lynch, hate speech which she will prosecute instead of going after Terrorists. The President is chasing Climate Change as a cause of the greatest danger to the human race as Bernie Sanders put it. Remember him?

Don’t laugh at Bernie, Hillary would be wise to pick him as a running mate even though she prefers someone of the opposite gender. Anything to get elected instead of doing something right. She learned nothing since her lies about the Benghazi video that caused the Muslims to riot and murder four Americans, a still unanswered issue as to the cause. Unanswered except to the population who believes Islam is the cause and Sen Barnardino is one of the effects along with 3,000 dead on 9/11. When will the Guerrilla War On The West end? How soon will Putin and Trump join with Israel to defeat it?

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