Why is President Obama popular? He’s less popular in America than he is in Africa for obvious reasons. His ideas and actions are well known in America but news travels slower in Africa. ┬áThere’s more news about Obama in America than just about anywhere else┬áso more people have a clearer database on Obama in America. We know him best. We are therefore better judges of him, his ideas and his actions. Same for Trump.

Americans want the best and unlike other cultures Americans can affect what they do because of the Freedom in America. Donald Trump looks like he’s better than Obama but Trump isn’t President, at least not yet.

On what will American’s base their vote in the Primaries and the Presidential election? On how much they like the candidates. Who are the most likable candidates? Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

Who will be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee? Cruz. While it’s a contest of likability Cruz has better credentials and those should come out as the campaigns continue.

Obama continues to be more popular outside America but his popularity has been dropping and his disastrous Address To The Nation last Sunday showed why. He’s out of touch with Americans. Trump is almost a barometer for Americans although the Left still doesn’t get it about Trump and why he’s so popular. Trump continues to draw bigger and bigger crowds while Obama’s popularity goes down. It’s almost a cinch that Trump will be the next President as Obama leaves the White House only to be inflicted on America for about 30 more years.

But Obama has a problem. He’s not just less popular than he was last year and the years before that. He failed to unite Americans. He was seen as a uniter because of his race. He not only failed to unite Americans, he divided us more. that’s why his popularity inside America went down. But internationally few though of him as someone to unite the world. International politics are based on how much money America spends outside America, not on how good a leader the President is. So while Obama’s popularity has been declining abroad it hasn’t gone down as much as it has inside America. American’s are not just disappointed with Obama, they’re angry about him because he divided us more. Trump is seen as a solution. His massive success in business is used to judge his ability to succeed as President.

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