Why didn’t anyone shoot back? Why didn’t even one victim have a pistol to use against the two Muslim Terrorists? None of the victims had a gun. Why not? Guns are defense. Who took away the guns from the people of San Bernardino?

 We know the military, that would mean the Commander in Chief, took away the guns from the military at Fort Hood so that one Muslim terrorist with one gun could murder 13 disarmed soldiers but who took the guns away from the good people of San Bernardino? 

Political Correctness let the Terrorists into America and more Political Correctness stopped the neighbors of Muslim Terrorist Syed Farook from reporting the terrorists who came to Farook’s home. Political Correctness stopped the people of San Bernardino from carrying their pistols to work. Political Correctness and the Courts with their Liberal, people distructing judges who took the guns and on whose heads rest the murdered bodies of the San Bernardino dead.

The proponents of Political Correctness, the Liberals, the President, the Congress and the Judiciary  have the blood of 17 dead San Bernardinian’s on their hands because not one of the victims had a gun to use to shoot back at the terrorists who murdered them.  


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