After enduring decades of religion-based attacks and counter-attacks the last people we should have to hear from are those afflicted with the malady of Supernatural, Mystic-based faith. An essay, “In Light of the Paris Attacks, –Is It Time to Eradicate Religion?” published in the Washington Post by the Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology, and Founding Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. Asking the question is Yale Theology Professor Miroslav Volf, His bio offers a clue. He answers his own question with an emphatic “NO”. Who would be surprised?

Volf knows he has a tough case to make following Paris and now San Bernardino. He pretends he will be objective but of course that’s impossible given who and what he is. He writes about religion’s “long trail of blood and tears” and the “terror” spread by “God’s crazy-eyed followers,” which Volf tells us, is “threatening lives, peace and prosperity of everyone on the planet.” All this should lead us he says to conclude: “The sooner humanity either eradicates or quarantines off religion, the better our world will be.” He’s only kidding of course. He tells us how his argument will go when he says “This conclusion would be too hasty.” OMG.

His massive error is his straw man argument that someone want’s to “eradicate religion”. No one wants to do that. He is correct when he admits “all world religions are marked by irrational certainty”. An Anglican preacher said: religion goads its votaries to violence predominantly when it intersects with politics. In the hands of “a revolutionary or a statesman . . . even the most peaceful religion will become ready to ‘take up the gun.’” That’s manifestly false. All religions do not preach that.

Many believe the Good Lord revealed information concerning the nature of the cosmos and mankind’s role only to a select few and understanding the revelations requires accepting as true non-verifiable, unsubstantiated propositions laid out in ancient texts. That’s the opposite of reason. Accepting as faith does that such bizarro propositions are true is a large part of the problem with solving faith-based murder.

The question is why do religions sooner or later head towards murder? It’s because they are all irrational. In varying degrees and in varying amounts, religion is a set of mystical beliefs. As such they are beyond the power of reason to correct. According to Martin Luther “Reason is the greatest enemy faith has.” Religion will exist as long as there is faith in it and as long as that continues the suffering will continue because it is unreasonable to stop it.

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