San Bernardino: The president said the FBI needs to explore “the nature of the work place relationship” between the terrorist murderer Syed Farook and the county health department before a determination can be made (by Obama). — Farook worked at the agency. His wife Tashfeen Malik didn’t. She’s dead. Shot by police during a gun battle during a car chase along with Syed. She tweeted minutes before joining Syed in murdering innocent Americans that she was loyal to ISIS.

Obama labeled the 2009 Fort Hood shooting by Nidal Malik Hasan “Workplace Violence” without grasping violence is a human action so no workplace can act violent. Hasan, a U.S. Army major is a Muslim. He murdered 13 military people and injured another 30 while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Rudy Giuliani is a man who speaks the truth. He’s not a politician like Obama whose record proves he cannot and should not be trusted. Never, ever because of his past double dealings. When Obama is not lying outright he’s shading the truth to deceive you. His most important and closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett was born in Syria. Tony Rezko was born in Syria too. Obama hangs around with black people and Muslims by choice. Almost no American flags are in Obama’s life.

Lawyers for the Farooq family said neither Syed nor Tashfeen showed any jihadii tendencies. They know about the Jihadii terrorist murders by Syad and Tashfeen so they are lying about it. They know about the bullet-proof vests they wore and the pipe grenades and bombs they built. They two lawyer’s are two more morons.

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