Michelle Obama wrote at Princeton (an affirmative action student?)that more people of color should be hired as professors. Not that it occurred to Michelle but because of people like Martin Luther King her idea violates the law about using race as a criteria to hire someone. Unfortunately, because of Political Correctness only the most secure university administrator would confront these dim-witted champions of diversity and explain to them, patiently because of their lack of cerebral candlepower that not only is such recruitment illegal, it has always failed. In addition such race-based hires must be paid a fortune but the cost-value equation mitigates against it.

If Michelle and the #BlackLivesMatter agitators want to help the black community, here’s a sure fire way to do it. Get rid of the drug dealers there. Get some community members to call the police when a drug deal goes down. That carries the risk of retaliation by gang members so Michelle and the Black Lives people need to step up and step into the problem in the black communities. The President can join in the push to push-out the pushers and the gangs that protect them even though it doesn’t fit the agenda which has evolved into protecting criminals and terrorists because black lives matter. Go figure.

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