They are assimilated meaning they have become Americans and they have accepted the American Constitution and have taken an oath to defend and protect it.

They accept the freedom of women. They accept that women can vote, drive cars, wear bikini’s and show their faces and bodies in public. The Freedom of women is a great test to administer to Muslims to find out if they are really assimilated. Of course they can lie but you can easily tell when someone is lying about their belief’s about the freedom of women. 

They accept the economic and Liberty agenda of America.

Theologically-they accept the Constitution over the anti-Constitutional teachings of Islam.

Religiously-they can practice whatever religion they prefer but they accept the religious freedom of others as well as their own.

Scripturally-they accept the Constitution and the set of unique and exceptional American values.

Geographically-they accept Washington D.C. as the home of American government.

Socially-they make friends with Christians and Jews.

Politically-they reject the annihilation of Israel and the destruction of America.

Domestically-they give up their belief that they can marry four Women and beat and scourge their wife when she disobeys him.

Intellectually-they accept the American Constitution.

Philosophically-they agree and allow allow freedom of religion and expression. they accept and support Democracy Liberty and Capitalism.

Spiritually-they accept ‘one nation under God” and they love their neighbors as they love themselves.. That’s how Muslims assimilate themselves into America and that guarantees them and their families a better life.

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