Obama knows the Constitution restricts government and he resents that. The Constitution makes it harder to oppress Americans. But to people like Obama it doesn’t make it impossible.

Obama is a psychological warrior against America. He uses psychological operations, psyops. He studied and practiced Saul Alinsky’s psyop methods to organize and take power from those who hold it. Where does the taken power go? To the Community Organizers. In the case of the American Military, to Obama, the Commander in Chief.  

Obama wants to know who can displace him. He knows he needs their names and their addresses. He wants to store their names under his control. He wants a National Database that stores the names and addresses of people he believes are a danger, people like, for example ex-military who were trained to use a weapon and who may actually own a weapon when the are no longer subject to the orders of the Commander in Chief. Those people cannot be trusted.

Ex-military. Armed, – therefore by definition a danger to authority. Their location must be known so their civilian weapons can be confiscated.  military service is . Senator Toomey wants to help. Toomey crossed over to Obama’s database construction and sponsored Senate Bill #649. Senator Toomey proves people can change their stripes. Toomey may have been a victim of a psyop. But Toomey continues to oppose freedom as long as he supports S649.

How anti-American is Obama? in defense of gun registration he said:  “I am constrained by a system our founders put in place”

Registrtion is particularly offensive to those who value their freedom. Registration is the basis for abuse and harassment of law abiding gun owners Registration was used in Australia to  confiscate a broad range of  weapons.  It was also used by Great Britain in 2008 and by  the Nazis in 1935.

Recently in  California a woman voluntarily entered a mental hospital for two  days. Shortly afterward, nine officers in black “SWAT” costumes showed up and  bluffed their way inside (they can’t enter without a warrant). The family  “voluntarily” (again, no warrant) surrendered three firearms, which the  Attorney General claimed couldn’t even be in the same household as a “mental  patient”, even if they belonged to another family  member. Toomey’s National Database includes her info.

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