President Obama showed his fecklessness in Benghazi so Gaza feels this is a good time to attack Israel because President Obama will want to launch…not bombers, …. but a study; to find out who is behind the rockets raining in on Israel and bring them to justice. Yes, Justice years after the rocket attacks that began a week after Obama was re-elected. President Obama can repeat his policy that the Gaza Rocketeers will be found and brought to justice, as though words will bring Gaza to a peaceful existence with Israel.

Israelies won’t feel safe until Obama is out of office at the end of 2016. The November Rocket attacks are largly the fault of those who voted this prince of fools into the presidency the sec0nd time after he showed his desire to appease the Middle East during his first four years. Appeasement has consequences and the Rain of Rockets came from the apology tour of President Barack Obama. 

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